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Mortgage Rates | Compare Current Mortgage Rates Today from Lenders Below. Our List of Mortgage Rates is Updated Every Day

Mortgage Rates

| Compare Current Mortgage Rates Today

Search for today's mortgage rates for home loans to buy a home or refinance a mortgage. You can compare rates today from several lenders by searching in your state below. The current mortgage rates displayed are for a refinance loan in the amount of $250,000. Change the search form to get your own mortgage loan quotes from several different lenders without providing any personal information. When comparing rates you will also see the annual percentage rate (APR) which is higher than the interest rate because fees and points are calculated into the rate. Your FICO score and the down payment on a home purchase or percent equity in your home on a refinance will also determine the rates you are quoted.

Mortgage Rates Updated Fri Sep 19, 2014